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L’X will study one of the largest databases in the world

École Polytechnique and the French National Health Service partner to study and analyze the data collected through all public insurance beneficiaries in France, ie, more than 65 million beneficiaries.

Several hundreds of terabytes: it is one of the largest databases in the world, especially in the healthcare field, that École Polytechnique is going to study. As public insurance is mandatory in France, l'X will work on data collected on more than 65 millions public insurance beneficiaries.

École Polytechnique and the French National Health Service signed in December 2014 a 3-year research and development partnership agreement. The goal is to promote the development of big data technologies and analytics applied to public health issues, through the study of this database.

Study and analyze one of the largest databases in the world
The National System of the French National Health Service (Système National Inter Régimes de l’Assurance Maladie or SNIIRAM) was created in 1999 to collect detailed data regarding the trajectory of patients and general healthcare organization. It centralizes data regarding healthcare payments and hospitalization of all public insurance beneficiaries in France.
This database has already been used in the past years by the French National Health Service for several surveillance studies, such as the study on the risk of thromboembolism with 3G pills in 2013.

Combine skills to meet public health challenges
With this partnership, the French National Health Service and l’X are now bringing together their resources and expertise to further study and use the collected data to improve healthcare and prevent pharmaceutical risks. They will define and develop an algorithm-based program focused on general public health issues in accordance with the French National Health Service’s missions. Detection of weak signals in pharmacoepidemiology and drug safety, identification of relevant factors to improve the analysis of healthcare procedures, as well as fight against fraud, are some of the targeted research topics.

École Polytechnique has a recognized expertise in Big Data. L’X offers a Master’s program in Mathematics for big data science in collaboration with Télécom ParisTech, as well as an executive program on this topic, the Data Sciences Starter Program. École Polytechnique and its Foundation also created in 2014 the Data Scientist Chair in partnership with Keyrus, Orange and Thales, which actively supports the development of this sector of education and research.

L’X is also developing new collaborations to work on health issues and promote scientific collaboration with medical professionals, such as its scientific partnership with Paris hospitals (Assistance Publique - Hôpitaux de Paris).

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