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Personal development internship in Morocco, Thibault Juillard, X 2017

The personal development internship (DFHM internship) is compulsory for all first year students for a period of six months, either in the armed forces or a civilian organization, in France or abroad. This year, 45 students are doing their internship abroad.

Ingénieur Polytechnicien students do their internship in the four corners of the world, such as Angélique de Méric, X 2017, currently in Senegal, teaching at the Mariama Ba School for girls. As for Thibault, he is in Rabat, Morocco. He is doing his internship in the Moulay Youssef high school in Rabat, Morocco. The high school opened in 1916 and is a renowned institution which has secondary level classes and preparatory classes. The mission of Thibault is to support and help students in preparing the Higher School Preparatory Classes competitive exams, to assist the teacher and to monitor practical works. Here is Thibault’s first impression:

 “When one imagines Rabat, the capital city of Morocco, the tendency is to think about a city struck by the sultry heat of the African sun. Nevertheless, the city starts to cool as winter approaches. Just arrived, I was preparing to meet students. I entered the room, the teacher was not there. After a few minutes, I wondered whether I had to stay or not as the teacher had not come yet. I decided to introduce myself and to entertain students with my best cabaret act: polynomial functions!

The class was going perfectly right and when the bell rang, I was heading towards the exit. I was stopped by students who in good spirits invited me to accompany them to savor a couscous and drink a mint tea. We spent a convivial afternoon with nice conversations, lots of laughs, a real cultural exchange. I realized thanks to them that the highest warmth that Friday in Morocco was not the habitual one of the burning sun, but the one coming from the heart of my Moroccan comrades”.