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Personal Development internship, Rind Alhage X 2017

The Personal Development and Military Training internship is compulsory for all French speaking first year students for a period of six months, either in the armed forces or a civilian organization, in France or abroad.

Rind Alhage is Lebanese and she is doing her Personal Development internship at the Le Corbusier high school in Aubervilliers, France, as a teaching assistant.

In 2016, l’X has renewed its cooperation with the Saint Joseph University of Beirut and has organized a recruitment panel directly in the University. Thanks to this cooperation, four Lebanese students entered the Ingénieur Polytechnicien program this year.

“École Polytechnique is known for being one of the best engineering schools in the world. I learned about it during my high school studies through my family and friends but it was an unattainable dream for me, never having done a preparatory class in France. Everything changed last year when an examination center of l’X opened in my University, so I worked hard and I did it and now I am so happy to be here!

There are all the pathways of the general baccalaureate as well as technical baccalaureate (all grades) and two pathways of preparatory classes (Physics-technology and Industrial science and technology) at the Le Corbusier high school. My main missions, as a teaching assistant, are to help students in studying science subjects (mathematics, physics, engineering and computing sciences) but also languages such as English and Arabic.

I started my internship with two weeks of observation that allowed me to have an overview on the French scholar system and to introduce myself to students. Now, I mainly work in the study room, where students study and can ask me questions, explanations, homework assistance, tips…. I also have some cultural activities as going out with students to visit for example a scientific fair or the Champs-Elysées.

This internship is a great opportunity for me, an international student, to discover the country and to be in direct contact with the French society. I’m in daily interaction with a diverse age group with different social backgrounds. It is an immense cultural wealth to work in a high school with more than 70 nationalities. I discover not only the French culture but also plenty of languages, traditions and cultures of all continents.

I always loved teaching but I never had the opportunity to teach and to be fully invested. I improved my teaching skills by adapting them to students and using dynamic methods. What I am really proud is to see students’ progress. A little boost can have a big impact on a student’s life.

This internship allowed me to discover my strengths and weaknesses and makes me see the impact that one can have on the society."