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Start-ups at l’X are breaking all the codes

Two companies launched by École Polytechnique graduates have each set off on a journey through code, offering specialized courses and reinventing the uses of computer programming.

Startups launched by École Polytechnique graduates reinvent the uses of computer programming

Students at École Polytechnique benefit from an outstanding education in computer science due to the position of l’X as a leading institution in the discipline. Equipped with their excellent training, a number of l’X graduates choose to innovate in the IT sector. Two alumni who followed such a path have launched start-ups within the field of coding. They are causing a stir in the world of programming and their companies just keep on growing.

Le Wagon

Sébastien Saunier (Year of Entry: 2004) is one of the three founders of the school Le Wagon, which teaches its students to code and develop web applications from start to finish. The start-up has greatly expanded since its creation in 2014 and now has training centers in 33 locations across France and the world, including in Montreal, Mexico, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Shanghai, Tokyo, Bali and Melbourne. The creators are also involved in supporting digital transformation at companies, by offering training for employees.


In 2012, l’X graduate Emmanuel Straschnov (Year of Entry: 2003) created Bubble, a start-up that aims to make programming accessible to all, with the help of an intuitive interface that replaces the code editor. Users can program without needing to learn how to code or enlist the help of a developer. Bubble’s over 240,000 users are launching applications and start-ups, some of which have already managed to raise tens of millions of euros. Straschnov is planning to start a fundraising campaign in 2019 in order to accelerate the start-up’s development, familiarize companies and universities with the product, and double the size of its teams.