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T2K Experience Scientists gathered for the first time at l’X

The scientific community participating in the T2K Particle Physics experiment is meeting for the first time outside Japan from July 23 to 27, at École Polytechnique.

This collaborative meeting, which brings together more than 200 participants from 11 countries, aims at taking stock of the latest results of the T2K experiment to best prepare for its future data collection and improvement programs. It aims to understand all the implications of the phenomenon of neutrino oscillation, whose illustration won the 2015 Nobel Prize in physics for Japanese Takaaki Kajita and Canadian Arthur McDonald.

In addition to the scientific expertise in the analysis of the results, the Laboratory Leprince-Ringuet of l’X has provided a detector, INGRID, to the experiment T2K. Close to the source of neutrinos, its aim is to verify that the beam is well issued in the right direction to a milliradian close (one millimeter seen at a distance of one meter).

The laboratory has also developed another near detector, WAGASCI, currently in the prototyping phase.