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Two ERC grants for l'X’s Center for Theoretical Physics

L'X’s Center for Theoretical Physics will benefit from two ERC grants to support its research. Andréa Puhm has been awarded an ERC starting grant and Razvan Gurau an ERC consolidator grant that starts in September.

The academic year is off to a good start at l'X’s Center for Theoretical Physics. First of all, Andréa Puhm, CNRS research fellow at the laboratory, has been awarded a starting grant by the European Research Council. Next, the month of September also marks the start of Razvan Gurau’s ERC consolidator grant.

Le Centre de physique théorique de l’X dispose de deux ERC pour soutenir ses recherches

A starting grant for the properties of black holes and quantum gravity

Andréa Puhm, CNRS research fellow with the Center for Theoretical Physics at École Polytechnique, was awarded an ERC Starting Grant to assist her in starting a research group on "Information Encoding in Quantum Gravity and the Black Hole Information Paradox". This researcher proposes an original approach by combining subtle long-range effects and string theory to resolve the black hole information loss paradox.

For more information, see our article entitled “Andréa Puhm, Recipient of the 2019 ERC Starting Grant”.


A consolidator grant for random tensors and field theory

Razvan Gurau’s ERC consolidator grant, which starts in September 2019 for a five-year period, could finally provide an explanation for certain phenomena. The CNRS researcher with l'X’s Center for Theoretical Physics will expand his research to include random tensors and field theory. These new aspects could provide an understanding of the link between high and low energy physics, with applications for understanding black holes and condensed matter.

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