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An X on the way to the Olympics

Baptiste Mourrain, ingénieur polytechnicien student at École Polytechnique, class 2016, is one of the hopes of French fencing. He could represent France on the occasion of the Summer Olympics 2020 in Tokyo.

He is one of the hopes of French fencing. Baptiste Mourrain, X 2016, has been practicing foil since the age of six. Today, the winner of the X-systra challenge, which brought together 250 fencers from all over Europe, Baptiste combines his engineering studies with the 15-hour weekly training at Insep, the National Institute of Sports, Expertise and Performance, which brings together the best French fencers.

Now 82nd in the international ranking and 7th in the national ranking, Baptiste Mourrain also benefits from his young age to be among the future hopes who may represent France at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Japan. "The Olympics are the ultimate goal of any top-level fencer, but there's still a lot of work to do. I am one of the youngest contestants and I still have time to progress. To do this, I will have to adapt myself to the rhythm of l'X and to find the balance between sport and studies," says the sportsman.

For the time being, the young scientist is completing his human and military training at the Armed Forces Information and Recruitment Center. He will arrive on the campus of École Polytechnique in April and intends to continue to train as much as possible, balancing at best his courses and training sessions. "The fact of reconciling sport and studies naturally leads to the development of a sense of organization and autonomy," notes Baptiste Mourrain, who plans to enter École des Ponts or the Corps des Ponts in the fourth year in order to orient his studies towards the field of civil engineering.