Applied Mathematics Department (DepMAP)

Applied mathematics offers the possibility of describing and analyzing complex problems or data from all scientific disciplines, covering a very broad spectrum of engineering jobs in the industrial and service sectors: physics, mechanics, chemistry, economics, finance, biology, medicine, ecology, climate, data analysis, artificial intelligence, signal and image processing, social networks, telecommunications, sociology... In applied mathematics, it is very common to alternate the steps of problem/data modeling, mathematical analysis, and numerical processing/simulation, each step stimulating the others, in order to achieve a reasonable solution satisfactorily accounting for the problem studied.


DepMAP defines and implements a research and teaching policy (initial and executive education) in applied mathematics, with a wide range of courses, from Bachelor's degrees to Master's degrees (with research and professional tracks), to graduate programs (MScT), including the engineering cycle, while developing interfaces with other disciplines. The DepMAP maintains and increases the visibility and international influence of the Ecole Polytechnique and the Institut Polytechnique de Paris thanks to a requirement of excellence in its courses and faculty (about 30 full-time professors, 40 part-time).
DepMAP works in close collaboration with the Applied Mathematics Research Laboratory of the Ecole Polytechnique (CMAP), in the same location. This strong link makes it easy for students to learn about research and innovation.

The department and laboratory hosts 13 teaching and research chairs, showing strong sponsorship partnerships with private companies. 


Maps and directions

The Department of Applied Mathematics (DEPMAP) is located in the Center for Applied Mathematics (CMAP) in the Laboratories part of the campus and occupies the top two floors of the wing 0. The Secretariat and the Conference Room are located on the 2nd floor.