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L'X, 4th institution worldwide educating senior business leaders

The Times Higher Education has just published the 2017 edition of its "Alma mater index" which ranks higher education institutions according to the number of economic leaders it has trained, based on the Fortune Global 500. École Polytechnique ranks fourth worldwide.

Eleven alumni of École Polytechnique are among the most important CEOs in the world, according to Fortune magazine’s Fortune Global 500. This number enables l'X to be ranked 4th in the world in the new edition of the Times Higher Education "Alma mater index",  which classifies academic institutions according to how many qualifications they have awarded to chief executives.

L'X occupies the 2nd position in terms of the revenue of the companies directed by its alumni. The companies run by its alumni have a cumulative turnover of $ 841.33 billion, behind Harvard which culminates at $ 1.429.62 billion and before Stanford which totals $ 728.84 billion.

The university that has trained the largest number of leaders is Harvard in the United States, with 26 former students who are now chief executives of large companies, followed by Stanford with 12 leaders.

In France, École Polytechnique is in second position behind HEC, which has 12 former students at the head of large companies. In total, eight hexagonal institutions are among the top 100: Mines ParisTech (10th), ENA (11th) and INSEAD (13th). Sciences Po is in 50th position, CentraleSupélec in the 80th, and ESSEC in the 88th.

Thus, France ranks 3rd worldwide in terms of CEO training of the 500 largest companies, behind the United States and China.