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A new Entrepreneurship Advisory Board for École Polytechnique

To challenge its entrepreneurship and innovation strategy, l’X now has a Board of experienced entrepreneurs representing by themselves more than 20 startups, 5 of which have been launched on NASDAQ, for a market capitalization exceeding $ 50 billion.

On Friday, October 30th, 2015, École Polytechnique Entrepreneurship Advisory Board met for the first time. The mission of this Board is to accompany and support the development of École Polytechnique's strategy on entrepreneurship and innovation.

Like other world-renowned institutions, École Polytechnique has decided to rely on recognized entrepreneurs and investors to evaluate and challenge its strategy in the field of entrepreneurship while stimulating new ideas. Similarly to École Polytechnique Academic and Research Council created in June 2014, this Entrepreneurship Advisory Board will provide a forward-looking external perspective and its members' expertise will benefit l'X.
The Entrepreneurship Advisory Board will thus assess the strategy implemented by l'X in terms of acceleration and incubation of start-ups, project accompaniment, development  of dedicated programs and consolidation of the links between research and industry. It will also make proposals to strengthen this strategy and connect l'X to other major entrepreneurship centers abroad.

Jacques Biot, President of École Polytechnique, comments: "The creation of this Board will help us expand our ambitions and take the next step in deploying our strategy. We have gathered around us major figures of entrepreneurship and innovation, with remarkable careers, and I thank the members of our Entrepreneurship Advisory Board for their commitment and their support to our institution".

Composition of the Entrepreneurship Advisory Board
Alongside Jacques Biot, President of École Polytechnique, here are the other members of the Entrepreneurship Advisory Board:

Leonard Bell, Alexion Pharma
A graduate of Yale School of Medicine, Leonard Bell is the principal co-founder of Alexion Pharma, a company that he leads since 1992. He was among the scientists who developed Soliris, the first product of the company.
Since its creation, Leonard Bell guides Alexion Pharma in its international business development as well as its research and development activities focused on hematological diseases, cancer, and other autoimmune disorders. He was also in charge of the IPO of Alexion Pharma in 1996. Since the creation of the company, Leonard Bell has raised more than $ 800 million to fund the R & D activities and the development of the company.

Philippe Botteri, Accel Partners
An École Polytechnique graduate (X 93) and engineer in the Corps des Mines, he began his career at McKinsey in the Silicon Valley and in Europe, specializing in software and Internet industries. Before joining Accel Partners, he worked for 5 years at Bessemer Venture Partners in Menlo Park where he conducted and sustained investments in US companies as well as European (Cornerstone OnDemand, Eloqua, Criteo, Bizo...).
He joined Accel Partners in 2011 where he supervises the activities in the field of big data for Europe, also focusing on security, cloud computing and digital. He has invested in companies such as BlaBlaCar, Docusign or Halo.

Pascal Brandys, Biobank
An École Polytechnique graduate (X 77) and holder of a Master of sciences from Stanford, he began his career as a Venture Capitalist in Tokyo and London where he contributed to the first wave of biotech companies in Europe. In 1989, he founded and chaired Genset Corporation, a major company in the field of genomics and the second largest biotech company in Europe. With other entrepreneurs from the field, he participated in the creation of France Biotech in 1997, an association that brings together close to 100 companies today. In 2001, he co-founded the Biobank holding in San Diego.

Martine Clozel, Actelion
After graduating in medicine at the Université de Nancy, then in physiology and pharmacology at McGill University (Montreal) and in California (San Francisco), she began her career as a clinician before devoting herself to applied research during the following twelve years as responsible for the selection of the first T-type blockers channels, at F. Hoffmann-La Roche.
In 1997 she co-founded Actelion where she works as Senior Executive Vice President and Head of Drug Discovery Pharmacology and Preclinical Development and since 2009 as Scientific Director. In 1997 she received the Award of Hoffmann-La Roche Research for his achievements in the research of endothelin.

Guillaume Decugis, Scoop.it
After graduating from École Polytechnique (X 90) and Stanford University, he began his career with Safran Morpho before joining the startup Musiwave where he built the first structured products, the R & D activities and the first strategic partnerships before the company was bought by Microsoft. After co-founding Goojet, he co-founded Scoop.it in 2010 designed as a tool to follow and share information. He is the CEO of Scoop.it.

Thierry Lepercq, Solairedirect
Thierry Lepercq, an HEC graduate, was President of Solairedirect that he co-founded in 2006. Solairedirect is a global pioneer of competitive solar electricity with a turnover of € 173 million in its last fiscal year.
The company has developed an original model of industrialization development, construction, operation and financing of photovoltaic solar parks. Solairedirect joined the Engie group in September 2015.
Thierry Lepercq previously had a 20 year career in technology financing, first at Bankers Trust in New York and then at Banque Arjil (Lagardère Group) and at Oddo & Cie. In 1999, he founded NetsCapital, an investment bank dedicated to information technology that mounted 40 operations for a total of € 400 million. In 2004 Thierry Lepercq created the Energy Innovation Network, a think tank dedicated to innovation in the energy sector with the Caisse des Dépôts, EDF, Suez and Gaz de France.

Denis Lucquin, Sofinnova Partners
Denis Lucquin is a graduate from École Polytechnique (X 77) and École du Génie Rural des Eaux et Forêts. He has a degree in Innovation Management from the Université de Paris-Dauphine. He is a Managing Partner and Chairman of Sofinnova Partners. In life sciences, he specializes in industrial biotechnology investments. He joined Sofinnova in 1991. Denis began his career in academic research. For five years, he was in charge of the technology transfer department at the Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA), France’s agricultural research institute. In 1989, he joined the venture capital industry as director of investments at Innolion (Crédit Lyonnais). He carried out many investments in Europe such as Nicox, Oxford Glycosciences, Oxford Molecular, PPL Therapeutics, Conjuchem, Exonhit, IDM, Innate Pharma, and Ablynx (all of which successfully went public) as well as Novexel (sold to Astrazeneca), Crop Design, Cerenis, and Noxxon. He recently invested in BioAmber and Green Biologics, developers of bio-sourced molecules for the chemical industry, and in Avantium, a renewable chemicals company developing biobased plastic bottles for food and beverage. He acts or has acted as a board member for all these companies. Denis is also a founder of the France Biotech Association.

Romain Niccoli, Criteo
After having been immersed very young in a variety of programming languages, Romain Niccoli started his career in 2000 in the R & D department of Microsoft before returning to Paris in 2005 to cofound Criteo, where he is CTO with Franck Le Ouay and Jean-Baptiste Rudelle. After multiple operations (algorithms for CV recommendations, cultural goods, widgets...) Criteo starts in online advertising and offers customized recommendations to optimize inventories on ultra-targeted advertising space. The company was floated on the NASDAQ stock exchange in October 2013.

Alain Rossman, Machinify
An École Polytechnique graduate (X 76) and holder of an MBA from Stanford, he began his career in 1983 at Apple when Macintosh was launched. Inventor of the WAP, regarded as the father of the wireless internet, founder or co-founder of seven start-ups, he is known in the Silicon Valley as an outstanding entrepreneur and technologist. Two of his startups were bought, Vudu by Walmart, and PSS Systems by IBM, both in 2010; the other three have gone public, including Unwired Planet floated in 1999.

Eric Setton, Tango
After graduating from École Polytechnique (X 98) and Stanford University, being an expert in video compression, streaming media and ad hoc networks, Eric Setton began his career in the Hewlett-Packard laboratories in 2007 before co-founding Dyyno, Inc., his first start-up. Aspiring to develop a video chat solution close to Skype but for mobile, he co-founded a second startup, Tango, in 2010. He became CTO of the start-up and Tango became rapidly very successful: the application reached its first million users in just 10 days. Two years later the startup exceeds the 300 million subscribers in over 200 countries, and employs 130 people, having already raised $ 87 million.