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Next 40: 9 start-ups of l'X among the most promising start-ups in France

Among the 40 most promising start-ups in France unveiled by the President of the Republic at the launch of Next40, nine were founded by members of École Polytechnique's community.

Among the 40 most promising start-ups in France unveiled by the President of the Republic at the launch of Next40, nine were founded by members of École Polytechnique's community.

During France Digitale Day, Emmanuel Macron announced the launch of Next40, an annual selection of the 40 most promising start-ups in France. Among the first selection, nine of the 40 start-ups were founded by members of École Polytechnique's community.

Co-founded by Florian Fournier, X 2013, Firmin Zacchetto and Ghislain de Fontenay, Payfit develops a payroll and human resources management software. It automates the generation of employees' pay slips by taking into account the situation of employees such as bonuses or sick leaves. The software also manages complex aspects such as social declarations. The start-up raised €70 million in 2019 to accelerate its development in Europe.

Co-founded by Jean-Gabriel Levon, X 2005, Ynsect raises insects and transforms them into ingredients for pet food and aquaculture as well as organic fertilizer production. The start-up has already filed 25 patents and raised €175 million to offer an alternative to meat and meet the growing demand for protein.

Hosted on the campus of École Polytechnique, Bioserenity uses artificial intelligence to improve medicine. The start-up produces connected and intelligent clothing that can measure patients' biomedical parameters and transmit them to the doctor through a telemedicine platform. The solution developed by Bioserenity accelerates diagnosis and facilitates patient follow-up and therapeutic support.

Co-founded by Nicolas Lombard, X 2002, and Adrien Ledoux, Jobteaser offers a solution for companies to post internship and job offers directly on the website of higher education institutions. Jobteaser currently equips 500 institutions, universities and schools in 14 countries. It has raised €68 million since its creation in 2008, including €50 million this year to strengthen its investments in research and development.

ReCommerce, co-founded by Antoine JeanJean, a former PhD student at the École polytechnique, specializes in the refurbishment of mobile phones. Thanks to the platform, merchants can buy back used smartphones from their customers. They are then repaired and reconditioned for resale. The start-up claims 2.5 million reused equipments and a saving of 80,000 tons of CO2 since its creation in 2009.
Vestiaire Collective
Co-founded by Sébastien Fabre, X 1996, Sophie Hersan and Henrique Fernandes, Vestiaire collective focuses on clothing and fashion accessories' second life. Created in 2008, the marketplace is the leader in the luxury and second-hand fashion clothing sector. Vestiaire Collective raised €40 million in 2019 to develop new technologies and accelerate its international expansion.

Founded in 2012 by Armand Thiberge, X 2002, Sendinblue offers companies a digital marketing platform for email and SMS campaigns. It also manage their contact databases and landing pages. In June 2019, the start-up unveiled an update to propose new marketing services such as Facebook advertising, retargeting and live chat. It counts 80,000 corporate clients in 160 countries.

Tech et software
iValua, founded in 2000 by David Khuat-Duy, X 1989, develops a purchasing management software. Thanks to the platform, the purchasing department can manage the entire supply, purchasing and spending chain. The start-up completed a €60 million fundraising campaign in May 2019 and achieves 60% of its sales abroad.  
Shift Technology
Co-founded by Eric Sibony, X 2008, Jeremy Jawish, X 2008, and David Durrleman, Shift Technology develops an insurance fraud detection technology based on artificial intelligence. It equips 70 insurers in 25 countries around the world and covers all sectors from home to health, including automobiles, personal protection and life insurance. Since its creation in 2014, the start-up has raised €88 million, including 53 million ($60 million) in early 2019.