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L’X and CNRS renew their research partnership

On Thursday April 5, Antoine Petit, President and Managing Director of CNRS and Jacques Biot, President of École Polytechnique, signed a supplementary clause to extend the convention that legislates their partnership. In doing this, the two institutions reaffirmed their strategic alliance in the context of the creation of the NewUni group.

In 2009, l’X and CNRS signed a four-year convention to define their partnership for joint research units in their 22 shared laboratories. Since then, the convention has been extended by two amendments. On April 5, 2018, a new amendment was signed with the goal of maintaining the arrangement set up between the two institutions until the creation of the NewUni group. The establishment of the group will allow for the implementation of a new site convention along with the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.

During the signing, Jacques Biot, President of École Polytechnique, emphasized that within the framework of the partnership, it is important for researchers to retain the freedom to choose their research topics in accordance with the ethics of the scientific community. He stated that this strategic union with CNRS is for students’ benefit as it encourages the consolidation of education through research, and the pursuit of research in line with applications for society.

According to Mr. Biot, the common strategy between École Polytechnique and CNRS is a crucial asset for the construction of NewUni. "There is a sentiment today of mutual belonging between the laboratories and the School," he expressed. "This is the fundamental core of a great university of science and technology."

Antoine Petit, President and Managing Director of CNRS, was keen to affirm the support of CNRS for the launch of this ambitious project: "CNRS will be pleased to continue and indeed strengthen its partnership. One of NewUni’s potential strengths is agility, that is, a level of reactivity that might not be available to larger universities, as well as an opportunity to work with partners in the industrial sector, which is a main priority of CNRS."

"The establishment of this new and original institution poses an exciting collective challenge for France, and CNRS will be thrilled to support NewUni in these new directions," concluded Antoine Petit in front of the laboratory directors who had gathered for the occasion.

The contributions of this new amendment:
In order to grant a greater amount of flexibility and reactivity to laboratories in the development of science and technology partnerships, the two institutions have appointed a single representative for the 11 laboratories co-supervised by l’X and CNRS, namely: CPHT, LLR, OMEGA, PMC, PICM, LadHyX, BIOC, LCM, CMLS, CMAP and LIX. In a similar vein, one of the two entities signed the research contracts negotiated by the X-CNRS Shared Promotion Platform, following shared contractual principles.