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A Workshop on Wave interactions and Turbulence organized at l'X

On December 17th - 18th, researchers from the Hydrodynamics Laboratory of l'X and the Plasma Physics Laboratory organized a workshop on Wave interactions and Turbulence in the framework of the Gaspard Monge Visiting Professor Program.

Christophe Josserand, Director of research at CNRS, Head of the Mechanics Department of l'X and researcher at the Hydrodynamics Laboratory of l'X, Sergio Rica, Gaspard Monge Visiting Professor from the Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, Santiago, Chile, and Sébastien Galtier, Professor at Université Paris-Sud, Senior fellow of Institut universitaire de France and researcher at the Plasma Physics Laboratory of l'X, organized a workshop on Wave interactions and Turbulence at l'X. 

Sergio Rica joined the Hydrodynamics Laboratory of l'X in the framework of the Gaspard Monge Visiting Professor Program, addressed to researchers of international reputation and typically senior experts or young brilliant scientists internationally recognized as leaders or future leaders in their scientific area. The Program, supported by the Foundation of École Polytechnique (FX), aims at encouraging the further development of existing scientific collaborations and at creating a stimulating international environment for both researchers and students, asking to the invitees to participate to teaching activities. In this same approach, the opening to the scientific community out of l’X is strongly encouraged, with a support for the organization of scientific events (workshops, summer schools, conferences, etc). Sergio Rica's scientific interests are focused on a large variety of problems in nonlinear physics, from the interaction of defects, pattern formation, models of superfluidity to the kinetics and thermodynamics of Bose-Einstein condensation, theory of supersolidity and wave turbulence theory

The aim of the Wave interactions and Turbulence Workshop was to gather theorists, experimentalists and applied mathematicians working on wave interactions and turbulence with a broad range of expertise. The workshop gathered about 20 international speakers, coming from all over the world (Argentina, Spain, Italy, UK and USA) and attracted more than 40 participants from various institutions.