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École Polytechnique 3rd world’s best small university according to THE

For the first time, the Times Higher Education (THE) publishes its new ranking of the "world's best small universities", for institutions with less than 5.000 students. École polytechnique is ranked 3rd worldwide, immediately after Caltech and École normale Supérieure.

On January 25th, 2016, the Times Higher Education (THE) published its new ranking of the world's best small universities, which are universities with less than 5.000 students and which cover at least four of the six topics of the World University Rankings.
École Polytechnique is in 3rd position of the ranking immediately after Caltech and École normale supérieure.

In comparison with institutions such as Harvard University (20.000 students) or Shanghai Jiao-Tong University (more than 30.000 students), the small universities distinguish themselves by their smaller classes. A limited size, but with a lot of advantages. Once they are selected, École Polytechnique offers a unique experience to its students, from their admission to their careers’ follow-up. About 90% are accommodated on campus and because of its small size, l’X can provide them with very dedicated services, such as individual academic coaching or Alumni mentoring. With an exceptional ratio of students per professor (about 4 to 1), l’X offers a very wide choice of courses, which lead to a great variety of job opportunities: after doing the first half of their curriculum together, École Polytechnique students from a same class can specialize on very different topics such as economics, energy, aeronautics or chemistry, and graduates can as easily work for major industrial companies or prominent research organizations, choose a career in higher administration or create their start-up, get their first job abroad or in France. In all cases and whichever path they choose, students are helped, guided and supported both by the academic and administrative staff as well as the Alumni network.

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