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Emmanuel Macron announces the creation of two university poles in Saclay

During his visit to Saclay on October 25, 2017, the President of the French Republic has announced the creation of a university of excellence composed of two poles: Paris-Saclay University on one side, and a cluster of institutions situated in the École Polytechnique area on the other side.

Emmanuel Macron visited the campus of École Polytechnique on October 25 on the occasion of his visit of Plateau de Saclay. After a first stage at Université de Paris Sud for the inauguration of the new building of the Institute of Mathematics of Orsay, Emmanuel Macron visited the laboratories of physics and mechanics of l'X.

Jacques Biot, President of École Polytechnique, exposed the investments made on campus, as well as NanoMax, an ultra-high resolution transmission electron microscope (TEM) for observing nano-crystals during growth. This microscope, emblematic of the Saclay project, brings together several research teams from the École Polytechnique campus, as well as other actors from Plateau de Saclay such as C2N, the CEA and Université de Paris Sud.

Constitution of a university complex with two poles

Following his visit to École Polytechnique, Emmanuel Macron went to CentraleSupélec where he gave a speech on the structuring of the university complex Paris-Saclay. The President of the French Republic formalized the composition of two complementary poles, making reference to different international models such as the alliance of MIT and Harvard in the United States, which allowed to form the the most influential center of knowledge and research in the world.

On one hand, an integrated research-intensive university operating under Université Paris-Saclay brand. "Its cornerstone will be Université de Paris Sud, Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin and Université d'Evry," said Emmanuel Macron in his speech of October 25. CentraleSupélec, ENS Paris-Saclay and IOGS will also be members of this group.

On the other hand, an alliance will be formed comprising École Polytechnique, ENSTA ParisTech, ENSAE, Télécom ParisTech and Télécom Paris Sud, delivering all levels of diplomas, deeply integrating their curricula, pooling their strengths and equipment and that will have to find original paths to evolve towards an MIT or EPFL in the French way. "Through this set, we want to promote the influence of France by an active contribution to the resolution of global economic, environmental, health and security issues", said Jacques Biot, President of École Polytechnique.

Create a world-class research and innovation cluster

This organization will allow Plateau de Saclay to gain international visibility and become a true worldwide cluster of research and innovation, with strong links with the large companies' R&D centers, a number of which are already installed on Plateau de Saclay like Thales, EDF, Danone or Air Liquide.

These two new poles "will be able to distinguish themselves in the Shanghai ranking and in the intensive rankings such as the QS, the Times Higher Education or the Financial Times which reward the density of excellence and which are, according to surveys, highly consulted by foreign students," said Emmanuel Macron. Thus, these two poles will have all the assets to succeed, each in their own way, in these "intensive" or "extensive" rankings.

"We are ready to implement, with diligence and determination, the orientations approved by the President of the French Republic. I am delighted by the very positive discussions we have had with colleagues from other institutions who are ready to partner with us in order to create an original institution, in the culture of international science and technology universities, to produce and share multidisciplinary knowledge, at the best level, for the benefit of our students, businesses and society," said Jacques Biot.

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