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L’X and Osaka University sign a cooperation agreement

On Tuesday, January 10th, Jacques Biot, President of École Polytechnique, and Shojiro Nishio, President of Osaka University, signed a cooperation agreement aimed at fostering academic cooperation, strengthening scientific and academic exchange opportunities and promoting international understanding.

The cooperation agreement aims at promoting regular exchanges of professors and students, as well as educational and scientific cooperation in order to strengthen mutual knowledge. Scientists and student exchanges as well as visiting professor programs have already long been practiced by the two institutions, mainly in the three following domains: laser, organic chemistry, physics and chemistry. Recently, the LSO (the Organic Synthesis Laboratory) have hosted Shinobu Takizawa, Professor in Chemistry of Osaka University, who gave conferences at École Polytechnique. At the same time, the department of Economics of l’X hosted Professor Keigo Inukai, invited as a visiting professor at École Polytechnique in the frame of the program  "Distinguished Visting Professor program" of École Polytechnique 2016-2017" with a sponsorship of École Polytechnique.

Moreover, the Laboratory for the Use of Intense Lasers – LULI (CNRS, École Polytechnique, CEA, UPMC) of l’X and Osaka University have maintained close relations for 15 years, thanks to a strong support by the CNRS. Indeed, several joint projects were implemented in the framework of The National Center for Scientific Research of France (CNRS) and Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) collaboration (punctuated by a GDRI – International Research Network), as well as Hubert Curien Partnerships (PHC, Campus France) activity.

Exceptional facilities at l'X (LULI200) and Osaka University (GekkoXII) have been at the heart of this collaboration (the laboratory of l'X is proud to benefit from one of the four facilities of this caliber in the world). Scientists and student exchanges as well as visiting professor programs have already long been practiced by the two institutions thanks to LULI and Osaka University collaboration. Three post-doctoral students spent two to three years at l’X or at Osaka University. Many graduate and undergraduate students (a dozen per year) as well as scientists participated in joint experiments on LULI or ILE facilities, three to four times each year. LULI and Osaka University have furthermore organized five workshops and winter schools over the past ten years.